St. Rita in the Desert Catholic Church

          JohnXXIII Center

Established March 31, 1935

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Take a minute to say “Hello.” Church is a family. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. The best way to feel a part of a family is to feel welcome and to welcome others. A friendly smile or just saying hello is the easiest way to make someone feel a part of the family.

Volunteer to help at parish activities, Be the Eleventh Person. Have you ever been at an event and heard the complaint, “It is always the same 10 people doing everything.” Well this is true at every parish, even St. Rita’s. The only way to break the cycle of the “Same 10” is to be the eleventh person. By volunteering, you not only help the parish, but it also gives you a rewarding way to meet new people and reconnect with some old friends

Attend parish events. St. Rita’s Parish holds many events throughout the year which encourage us to be part of the community. Dinners, breakfasts, missions, Stations of the Cross, festivals, community outreach and Religious Education are all part of being the community of St. Rita’s. Your attendance not only assures the success of these events, it allows you to participate more fully in the community of St. Rita’s.


Join a parish organizations. St. Rita’s is a very busy parish with a lot of organizations meeting the social and religious needs of the community. Here are just a few groups that are always looking for new members: St. Vincent de Paul, the Knights of Columbus, First Friday Adoration, First Saturday Rosary Group, Catechesis of the Good Shepard, Elementary Religious Education, Junior and Senior High Youth Groups, Adult scripture classes, Sewing Circle, Outreach, Parish Guild and Senior Potluck. For more information about these and any other groups in the parish feel free to contact Jeanne at the parish office.


Support the parish financially. There are a lot of ways to support St. Rita’s financially. The Sunday collections and participating in parish fund raisers are the easiest. We now offer a credit card stewardship program as well as online donation opportunities. You can also give to the parish as a pretax donation through the United Way or if you work at IBM and Raytheon. Another easy way to support St. Rita’s financially is by using a Fry’s gift card at Fry’s stores or by signing up for Escrip for Safeways. Neither of these programs cost you anything and they bring thousands of dollars to St. Rita’s each year. Also consider leaving St. Rita’s in your will. What better way to ensure the future of the parish than making a memorial gift in your name.
Pray for your Parish. Keep our pastor, parish staff and fellow parishioners in your daily prayers. By being a part of the prayer life of St. Rita’s you will not only strengthen your connection to your church family but you will be part of the spiritual support for the community as a whole.

St. Rita In The Desert Parish
13260 E Colossal Cave Road, Vail, AZ 85641-0400
Office: 762-9688 - Fax: 762-5967
St. Rita in the Desert is located on Colossal Cave Rd., 1 mile north of I-10, Exit #2